Hi! I’m Damien, designer currently working at the London-based agency Dalton Maag.

My passion for type design comes from drawing. As a child, I could stay hours at my desk trying to get the perfect Donald Duck. A natural curiosity and enthusiasm for learning drove me into nine years of studies in art and design; developing a particular interest in history and aesthetic. In my last year of university at esad type, I carried out type design research with a focus on the origin of italics in the context of contemporary type legibility and reading experience.

With the ability to adapt to a various range of problematics, I worked a bit more than two years on book design, signage systems, and website projects before joining Dalton Maag in April 2013. Since then, I’ve been designing, engineering and hinting fonts for projects and clients such as Lemance, Amazon, YBS, Intel, Now TV, Lush, AT&T. I’ve got experience in the Latin, Greek, Cyrillic and Arabic scripts.

Awards: Milosz 2011 – first prize / Granshan 2012 – third prize / Granshan 2014 – first prize

Contact: collot.damien@gmail.com / LinkedIn / Twitter