Hello, I’m Damien.

I could stay hours at my desk, when I was a child, trying to get the perfect Donald Duck. Years later, when I found my first book of calligraphy at the bottom of a shelf in a dark and odd second-hand bookshop, I got everything I needed to keep me busy for a while. I ended up holding a master in typeface design.

After a bit more than two years of experience in the graphic design industry and one, two awards in typeface design, I joined Dalton Maag in April 2013. Since then, I’ve been designing, developing and engineering fonts for our Library and clients such as Lush, Intel (for which we got awards), Now TV and many more that I’m not allowed to mention yet. I’ve got experience in the Latin, Greek, Cyrillic and Arabic scripts. I also have interest and basic knowledge in Gujarati. Last but not least, I give talks and workshops like those ones.

For further details on my background, please consult my LinkedIn profile or ask questions at collot[dot]damien[at]gmail[dot]com. Follow me on Twitter to get latest news: @DamienCollot.